1. The main objective of the Chamber is to provide opportunity to foreign companies in identifying good importers and partners in FDI in India.

2. Network –

The Chamber provides one of the most pro active network for business development in India. The network works on various levels like local contact, whatsapp group, email and a dynamic website.

3. Delegation –

The Chamber welcomes delegation from overseas and arranges B2B meetings in India besides this the Chamber organise delegation from India to your country.

4. Information –

Members receive regular information on various trade issues relating to import and investment. The Chamber takes active role in various Govt. Policies and trade formalities.

5. IICCI is a platform for interaction between members and concerning Government officials in India & overseas.
6. It offers an opportunity to its members to address their problems and grievances to concerning Government departments.
7. The members will get an exposure to Multilateral & bilateral trade agreements, foreign market trends and policies, international price index etc.
8. The members are assured of all legal help in case of any adversary. The Chamber has a very well designed trouble-shooting department which help to solving the problems by using its contacts in India through local support, media etc.
9. Advisory Services –
a) IICCI has dedicated legal cell headed by Dr. S.K. Verma, Advocate, Supreme Court of India which gives legal advice on various trade related matters.
b) Advice on issues regarding customs, excise, clearing & forwarding, these are looked after by Mr. Sharad Mohan, Vice President
c) Specialized services can be arranged on global level
10. Chamber has presence in 11 cities in India.
11. It also has offices in SAARC countries i.e. AFGHANISTAN, BANGLADESH, BHUTAN, NEPAL & PAKISTAN and this also can be used for member’s benefits.