Indian Cotton Yarn

Cotton fabric is a very popular fabric today, and when it comes to it, we all know about this material. But not everyone knows the origin and characteristics of cotton fabric. So today let’s learn how to produce cotton yarn with IICCI!

Cotton fabric is created from cotton fibers produced by the cotton plant combined with natural ingredients and some other mixtures. This is also where raw materials play an important role in the industrial chain supporting the textile industry.


Under the Mughal Empire, which ruled the Indian subcontinent from the early 16th to the early 18th century, India’s cotton production increased, both in raw and woven cotton. The most important cotton production center is Bengal Subah province, especially around the capital city of Dhaka.

In recent years, India has been the world’s largest cotton producer followed by China and the United States with output accounting for about 60% of total global cotton production. During the period 2015-2020, India produced about 6.2 million tons of cotton yarn per year. India has very favorable climatic conditions for cotton production, especially in the northern region. India’s customers in the Asia region are Bangladesh, Vietnam and China.

Indian cotton products are very rich and come in many high quality varieties. Prices are competitive, some items are cheaper than other sources. Vietnam is in need of quality yarns and fabrics at reasonable prices, while India is the world’s most competitive producer of yarns and fabrics. Therefore, India can be a good partner for Vietnam’s Textile and Garment industry to reduce production costs.

The cooperation between textile and garment enterprises of Vietnam and India will be the basis for Vietnamese enterprises to promote the production of high quality products in the international market in the future.

At this point, you already understand somewhat about what cotton fiber is, right? If you need more information about Indian cotton yarn, contact IICCI immediately!